An incomplete abortion is a possible complication arising from an abortion procedure. This condition may pose significant health risks, including the chance of a severe infection that could be life-endangering.

Whether you’re contemplating an abortion or have undergone one, recognizing the symptoms of an incomplete abortion is crucial. Continue reading to discover the indicators to be aware of and measures to safeguard your health before undergoing an abortion.

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What Is An Incomplete Abortion?

An incomplete abortion occurs when tissue from the terminated pregnancy is left behind in the uterus.

Because women usually have a medical abortion at home or are sent home after a surgical abortion, it’s important to know the warning signs of an incomplete abortion. 

What Are The Signs?

Possible signs you may be experiencing an incomplete abortion include:

What To Do 

If you’ve recently undergone an abortion and are showing symptoms of an incomplete procedure, you should seek an evaluation from your healthcare provider.

Your doctor might ask if you still feel like you’re pregnant, if you saw the pregnancy tissue come out, how much you bled, and if you’re still bleeding. If they think the abortion wasn’t complete or the pregnancy is still going on, you might need an ultrasound and maybe surgery.

Seek Professional Care

If you have undergone an abortion and notice any related signs or symptoms, get medical attention without delay.

For those who are considering an abortion, understanding the risks involved is just as vital. While a pregnancy test can show if you’re pregnant, an ultrasound will offer essential information that can broaden your choices.

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