The mental health effects of abortion are unique to each woman, making it challenging to study and draw conclusions. The Mayo Clinic states that women can feel a range of emotions after an abortion, including relief, loss, sadness, or guilt. 

While it remains controversial, several studies have been done on the impact that abortion has on mental health. They have been compiled and examined, and below are some of the researchers’ results.

1. Abortion Can Result In Negative Mental Health Impacts.

Experts agree that at least some women do experience negative mental health impacts that are aggravated, triggered, or complicated by an abortion. 

Negative mental health impacts can include anxiety, depression, substance use, and suicidal behaviors. These can vary from mild to severe.

2. Women Who Have Had Abortions Have a Higher Rate of Mental Illness.

Compared to women without a history of abortion, those who have aborted consistently experience higher rates of mental illness.

3. There Are Certain Risk Factors that Increase the Chance of Mental Health Issues After An Abortion.

These risk factors include:

Some of the studies concluded that women should be evaluated for these factors before receiving an abortion. 

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