If you’re experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, you probably have a thousand questions and concerns racing through your mind. We get it! The stress and anxiety that you are feeling may be pushing you into making a hurried decision that might not be what’s best for you. And we’re here to help you.

Most women don’t consider adoption because they don’t know much about it. Did you know that you get to decide how your adoptions works? You have options. We want you to have the real facts about adoption so you can make an informed decision about your baby. If you choose adoption, the adoption plan for your baby will be your plan, based on your choices. Just as each woman is unique and different, every adoption plan is unique and different depending on what you want.

Types of Adoption Plans

    •  OPEN ADOPTION: You have regular contact with the adoptive family.
    • SEMI-OPEN ADOPTION: The adoptive family and birth parents usually will know basic information about each other, such as their first names and state of residence. Complete contact information, such as phone numbers and addresses, isn’t shared. While adoptive families and birth parents may speak to one another prior to the birth of the child, some confidentiality is maintained. Once the child is placed with the adoptive family, the birth parents may still stay in contact with the family via letters and pictures, however this correspondence is handled by a third part, such as the adoption agency.
    • CLOSED ADOPTION: The adoptive family and birth parents remain confidential, with no contact prior to or after the placement of the child.


Adoption can be a fresh start for everyone. Women who choose adoption give their babies a hopeful future in a loving home, while creating a hopeful future for themselves as well. Our goal is to empower you to make a good choice, so that you are looking forward to a bright future. Please schedule an appointment to learn more.